Next featured genus: Liebetanzomyces

Liebetanzomyces was the eleventh anaerobic fungal genus to be described. Liebetanzomyces is morphologically similar to Piromyces, Buwchfawromyces, Pecoramyces and Oontomyces due to it having a monocentric thallus and monoflagellated zoospores. In contrast, on the molecular level, it is similar to the polycentric genus Anaeromyces. The genus Liebetanzomyces was named by Joshi et al in 2018 … Continue reading Next featured genus: Liebetanzomyces

Paucimyces – 20th anaerobic fungal genus!

Another anaerobic fungal genus has been described, bringing the total number now up to 20. Paucimyces has monoflagellated zoospores and polycentric thalli with highly branched nucleated filamentous rhizomycelium, a growth pattern encountered in a minority of described anaerobic fungal genera so far. The type species of the genus is Paucimyces polynucleatus. Read more about this … Continue reading Paucimyces – 20th anaerobic fungal genus!