The network was established in 2011 by Dr Joan Edwards following the realization that not all anaerobic fungal researchers were based in the same research field, with many never crossing paths. The below word cloud (Figure 1) gives you some insight into the different research areas where anaerobic fungi are studied, and can add value.

Figure 1: Word cloud made from the top 5 key words describing the research performed by AFN members.

Since its beginning, the network has now become an internationally recognized platform for the co-ordination, promotion and dissemination of anaerobic fungal knowledge and activities.

The network currently includes researchers representing over 50 organizations in 24 different countries spread world-wide – with membership continuing to expand. It has been particularly encouraging to see the increasing number of research organizations working on anaerobic fungi, as well as new collaborations developing between network members.

Figure 2: AFN team – the network activities and the members that support them.

The network is run by its members, for its members. A team of 12 members currently support the broad range of activities run by the AFN (Figure 2). If you would like to find out more about the AFN team, as well as other AFN members, please just check out the members directory and featured researcher website pages.