Are you new to anaerobic fungi? And need to learn the basics about them?

Well, you can easily get up to speed by watching the two short (2-3 minute) films on anaerobic fungi that are featured on this page. These films were produced by  Dr Joan Edwards in 2019 as part of an EU funded research project based at Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands.

Introduction: This film gives a general introduction to anaerobic fungi: what they are, where they are found and why they are important.

Life Cycle: This film gives an overview of the key features of the anaerobic fungal life cycle, which includes motile, vegetative and survival stages. It also describes some of the main morphological features of anaerobic fungi.

Please note that the third film (referred to in the videos) is about anaerobic fungal taxonomy, but it is now out of date due to new genera and families being described since the film was made. As such, to find out about the taxonomy of anaerobic fungi please instead visit the relevant part of the website here which is kept regularly updated!