At the start of 2021, the AFN webinar series was initiated. Presentations given during the webinars are available on this page to watch back via the links below. (*Note due to technical issues two presentations are provided only as pdfs.)

Identification & Quantification of Anaerobic Fungi (January 2021). “Identifying anaerobic fungi” by Sumit Dagar & “Biochemical characterization of anaerobic fungi” by Katrin Ochsenreither

The Biotechnological Potential of Anaerobic Fungi (April 2021). “Development of a Bioreactor Based on Rumen Physiology” by Xavier Fonoll & “Anaerobic Fungi: New platforms for biotechnology & synthetic biology” by Michelle O’Malley*

Fibre Degradation Capabilites of Anaerobic Fungi (June 2021). “The Interaction of Anaerobic Fungi and Methanogens” by Yanfen Cheng & “Anaerobic Fungi: Can They Improve Ruminant Feeding?” by Thomas Hartinger

Anaerobic Fungi Research: Updates from Two Continents (November 2021). “Improved screening for anaerobic gut  fungi in environmental samples” by Diana Young* & “Recent foraging into anaerobic fungal research in New Zealand” by Christina Moon

Anaerobic Fungi: Diversity and Efficiency of those Plant Degraders (December 2021). “On the Taxonomy, Ecology, And Evolution of the Neocallimastigomycota” by Noha Youssef & “Anaerobic Fungi: The Holy Grail of Efficient Anaerobic Plant Degradation?” by Matthias Hess