Paucimyces – 20th anaerobic fungal genus!

Another anaerobic fungal genus has been described, bringing the total number now up to 20. Paucimyces has monoflagellated zoospores and polycentric thalli with highly branched nucleated filamentous rhizomycelium, a growth pattern encountered in a minority of described anaerobic fungal genera so far. The type species of the genus is Paucimyces polynucleatus. Read more about this … Continue reading Paucimyces – 20th anaerobic fungal genus!

19th genus now published

We are very happy to share with you details of a paper that was recently published: "Aestipascuomyces dupliciliberans gen. nov, sp. nov., the First Cultured Representative of the Uncultured SK4 Clade from Aoudad Sheep and Alpaca". This paper describes the characterization of the 19th anaerobic fungal genus, which was independently isolated by two different research … Continue reading 19th genus now published

Prof Tony Trinci, a great mycologist, has died

A quote from Prof Neil Gow of the University of Aberdeen, UK: "Professor Tony Trinci, one of the true greats in mycology, died earlier today [7 Oct 2020]. A gentleman, mentor to many, whose work framed our understanding of fungi multicellularity." Prof Trinci's funeral will be held on Monday 26th at 13:00 (UK time) at … Continue reading Prof Tony Trinci, a great mycologist, has died